Sunset Swim in the Gulf

Lately, I've been looking forward to each blank canvas. It is amazing when you are mixing and working with paints what can happen next.  Even though I bring the paints to the canvas, it's as if the canvas paints itself. I've been rather amazed by this process, working more intuitively. First, I'm mixing paints and deciding what colors to use. Then as I add them to the canvas, I watch the colors, designs, and textures begin their dance, swirling around. Painting is still an amazing process  and I have to take my eyes off of the canvas from time to time to focus on the mixing. When I return to the painting, I begin to see things I didn't see before or didn't appear on the canvas until I walked away. As I pour paint onto the canvas, it becomes a mesmerizing dance, watching it run down and mix into other shades that start to swirl. It's almost like watching a colorful science experiment on canvas. The science of gravity and color ruling over what I can command it to do. What begins to look like an accident turns into a beautiful move of the paint. It's as if it were saying to me, "No, I know of a better place to go on this canvas. I want to go over here". Now, I say back to it, "Okay, go where you may". And it shows off again, saying, "I told you so." And reminds me, "Just let me take the lead." 

For now, the paint is in control. No forceful brushstrokes, or calculated judgements, just sliding and gliding rolls of the paint here and there. There are no mistakes, just a better awareness of where the paint wants to go. 

So, I hope you are enjoying color's show. It's showing off just for you. Let me introduce to you, 

"Sunset Swim in the Gulf"
20' x 20"x 1"

Close Up

Another Close Up View

Another Close Up View of the Colors

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