Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ArtTip: How do you decide what colors to use in your painting?

I thought include an art tip to show how I go about deciding what colors I want to use for each painting. This will work whether you paint landscapes or abstracts. Do you have those color chips from the hardware stores stuffed in a drawer somewhere in your house? Here's what you can do with them. If you don't paint, they are also handy in finding the right shade in picking out your clothes or accessories. You can organize your closet this way too.

Here you see, I have paint chips for both families of cool colors and warm colors. First, I have laid them out on a white canvas or you can use a white poster broad to keep the colors pure. Then, you can group them however you like, either cool vs. warm or light vs. dark shades. You can also lay them out by intensity, either calm color groups, vivid colors or fresh colors, and etc. Now, I can go through each group and see what colors inspire me. Since I'm an abstract painter, I tend to choose what I'm drawn to at that time. But basically, I pick  up what grabs my eye, lay them out together and see how it feels to me. 

In this photo above, you can see I have selected my final color choices. I have decided to use a vivid colors group to make a lively abstract painting. Using a mixture of color and warm colors can add dramatic.

In the photos below, I will show you my  paint palette mixed up from my final paint chip selection.

Here is the yellow and aqua paint already mixed and ready to go! You see having the paint chip helps me to see if I have the paint mixed properly. Not a bad match, if I do say so myself! 

Purple and green ready to go.

Next up, pink and brown.


And lastly, Raspberry Sorbet. Sounds good, doesn't it? 

Now my palette is ready and I'm feeling good about the final mix. In case you wondered, these are oil paints. I hope this helps in working with color and choosing your paint palette or organize your closet! So, how do you set up your painting palette? Do you tend to stick to the same color palette? Will be interesting to hear how you decide on colors.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paint and Chocolate. What a great combination.

I just had to write you! I just got back from an opening reception and solo exhibition of work by artist Genie Maples of Asheville, NC. Oh, and did I ever enjoy this one. First of all, Genie is one of my favorite artists. Why? Genie's major work is comprised of oil on canvas and they are huge! Some of her canvases were so large I couldn't get them all into the photos! Her masterful paintings have strong composition, layered colors, beautiful surface, and strong emotional impact. Her color choices are so vivid giving the feeling they are alive. And the pastels are so fluid and energetic. Perhaps that's why I love her work.

Tonight, I convinced my 6yr. old daughter to go with me (the fact they were serving gourmet chocolate truffles, helped don't ya think?!), see her photo below. Who would turn down the fact the venue was the French Broad Chocolate Lounge? This beautiful September evening offered wine, gourmet truffles, and beautiful art in a lovely urban setting.

Around the crowd, I snapped some photos for you. I hope you enjoy Genie's paintings as much as I do. This evening was a pleasure for me and I wanted to share it with you.


 My precious daughter Sarah, she's high on chocolate!


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