Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Just tried out a new gesso by Matisse

Today I'm reporting on my new experience with Matisse's Black Gesso. I really like it. It's very thick, which can be watered down. However, if working on an abstract painting, applying extra gesso with a palette knife will give you extra texture without having to add paint! So it's more cost effective to do so. You won't have to use more expensive high body mediums to give you the textures you desire. I'll post a photo with final painting using the black gesso once completed.
Here's a great video on Matisse's gessos:
Matisse Gesso Video on Application

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Art events starting to abound!

DECEMBER IS HERE! Looks like a few interesting art auction events are coming up! I was very excited to hear that the NY Gallery that  held an art auction event in November will be hosting a new 8 day Pre-Christmas event on Dec.11th on Twitter, 92 hours to bid on international art!
See the new Pre-Christmas Trailer on
Reminder to bid, get Twitter & PayPal account and sign up at

Also there is art auction event coming up with Brigham Galleries. From what I gather this event will be in two weeks! I will be learning more about this event and will share the details with you soon! Check back with me.

Let the holidays begin!


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