Purpose and Dream

Just to update you, I was asked to participate in a charity event organized by a talented artist from Norway, David Sandum. The Twitter Art Exhibit has been a dream of David's. He asks Twitter artists from around the world, to participate by donating their art to raise money for causes close to his heart. This is the second year of his Twitter Art Exhibit and this year's purpose is to raise monies for the Women's Crisis Center. Each artist's works are done on paper about the size of postcards. Each postcard painting or drawing will be exhibited in a public library in Moss, Norway, and can be purchased at an affordable price which is a donation for the crisis center.
If you want to read about David Sandum's Twitter Art Exhibit or would like to participate as an artist click on the link.

Here's one neat connection in all of this. When I was a little girl, my parents had a foreign exchange student from Norway stay at our house.  She made such an impression on us, we've never forgotten her. Now, I've found a dear friend in artist David Sandum in Norway. So, as you can see when asked, I had to be involved in his great idea to raise money for his local library's childrens section and this year, for the womens's crisis center. 

I wanted to offer two small paintings for their patrons to choose from. Here is one of the abstract paintings I did and I'll post the other in my next post. 

If you like the style of these mini-paintings, you can look forward in the future to larger paintings in this same style. I want to further this work and make it available for you, as well. Please stay tuned.

So in honor of David Sandum and his passion to improve other's lives, I've named this mini painting.....

"Purpose and Dream"
6" x 4"

Close up 

Another Close Up

In my next post, see the second postcard painting that I'll be sending to Norway. Thank you.

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