Monday, February 06, 2012

Do You Surrender To Your Art Journey? Part 1

I want to say, "Thank you!" to everyone that has been validating my newest Intuitive Series. It's been good to finally give myself the freedom and opportunity to go where I've never gone before with my art. Yes, the final frontier. Sorry, I had to say it. You knew that was coming, right? Anyhow, I was talking with a very talented artist in our River Arts District here in Asheville. He was explaining the process of his wonderful paintings and I was doing the same. As I was sharing about my new project, making my art in a more intuitive fashion, he made an interesting comment. As crazy as some may think it is, I told him how I was allowing the paint to show me where it was to go. In other words, letting go of the self talk of the Left brain and trying to shut it down, giving the Right brain creativity to take over. And whatever happens, happens. He totally understood and said, "Surrendering to the painting." I said, "Yes, exactly!". Now as silly as some people might think that really doesn't matter, because we artists know something bigger than ourselves takes places, once we surrender to the process. Finally, after many years of planning my art, trying to figure it out, and wearing myself out doing so, I've let go and surrendered to it. 

Now the work is improving, new styles are emerging and I'm not "the frustrated artist" any more. For me, this is a big deal and I can hardly wait to see where this creative process takes me and my art. I do hope you will continue to follow this journey, the stories behind the paintings, and the art itself.

Back to this painting, " Our Planet Earth". This one took some time to make and plenty of paint. I thought I would step out of my boundaries with color and add color choices I normally wouldn't, such as olive. I'm just not an olive person, the color or the food. I have always been fascinated by the images NASA would take from their telescopes and this painting reminds me of those images. How small it make me feel when I see photos of Earth and knowing the universe is so vast... The details of this painting are so neat and I'm not sure the photographs will show them off. 

"Our Planet Earth"
24" x 2o" x 1/2"

Close Up View 1 - the darker sections with
blues, olive,yellow golds, reds

Close Up View of the purples  and whites

Another Close Up View 

Side View where the paint runs nicely over the edges.

Now, what do you see in this painting?


Janet Vanderhoof said...

Love the colors.

Patti Agapi said...

Really beautiful!

Allison Reece said...

Thank you, Janet and Patti! Appreciate your compliments!

Mike The Country Musicologist said...

Great style on this and I really like the colors, as well. Wonderful piece!

Sue Pownall said...

I like the idea of surrendering to the painting. I've been told that how I describe my drawing is like I'm meditating, so I guess I also surrender.

This is a very interesting piece. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Allison Reece said...

Thank you Susan for the great feedback and taking to time to "visit". Yes, more to come!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Great post Allison and this is a lovely piece of earth. So much's like looking at clouds or water swirl. I'm off to read Part II which I just saw on FB today.

PS: I love painting intuitively. There is such a freedom about it and I love the surprises around every corner.

Allison Reece said...

Hi Lisa,
I value your feedback, thank you! That's what I see too, clouds and waterways.
Thank you again Lisa!

Lesley Peterson said...

Love the new paintings! Interesting you mention the left/right brain thing. I just finished a piece on my own experiences as a lefthanded/right-brain traveler. I look forward to following your intuitive series...great stuff!

Allison Reece said...

thank you for the great comments and nice compliments. Hope you've see my mini paintings for the Norway charity event. There are still part of that intuitive work.
Glad you stopped by! Stay tuned.
Allison Reece


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