A Creative Explosion: Raw Energy

I really liked how the last two postcard paintings looked for the Twitter Art Exhibit. So, I decided to make two more paintings with the same color palette for a larger canvas and a small canvas. This gives my collectors the opportunities to choose from two different sizes in this style of paintings. In my painting process, I use palette knifes of different sizes to create textures and layering colors on top of other colors. I like these bold color choices, hope you do as well. I adore color and it's relationships to other colors. This is why I am a color expressionist. Do these colors excite you? Inspire you? Or simply delight you? Enjoy.

Here's one of the paintings. I'll show you the smaller painting in the next blog post.

"Raw Energy"
36" x 24"

Close Up View

 Another Close Up View 
See slight textures and colors peeking through

Last Close Up View

What you do think? Do you like this painting? And don't forget, I have another painting in this same style coming up in my next post. Please retweet or email this post with your friends or family! Thank you, Allison.

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