Do You Surrender To Your Art Journey? Part 2

I was so delighted by the intriguing responses from my first post of "Do You Surrender To Your Art Journey" that it's requiring a part 2! I definitely want to continue this conversation and hope if you're game, I am. 

First of all, to recap the post if you haven't read it, I was basically saying how I was trying to go deeper with my art, to the point where something else happens. It's as if the paint becomes "alive" if you will, and takes over and I give it the room to move as it may. No longer do I have an agenda, but I watch to see what the paint wants to do, where it wants to go. I'm no longer the frustrated artist, because my plans didn't get executed as I expected, but the art said, let me take YOU where I want to go. The journey has surely been more interesting. I have had new experiences, I doubt I wouldn't have had before. And I'm seeing new surprises right before my eyes, especially when I walk away and come back to the painting, as if the painting fairies showed up and finished the painting. Crazy, I know. 

Here are a few of the comments I've received, including this one from my Twitter friend @Peteshootspix: "Often, I 'allow' an image to go where it will when in Photoshop. Then arises the question, who or what is creating the art?". Oh, I just loved that, good one Pete! 

One artist on Google Plus, Kris Schirmer, wanted to know what I thought of her statement, "Art Objects Are Living  Beings" in which she wanted to have a discussion exchange. I'm still contemplating that one. But yes, I do think there is energy embedded in one's art.

Another artist, Susan commented, "drawings were as if she mediating". An excellent perspective.

You can find plenty of trained artists in the world. In fact, in art school, they know they can teach anyone to draw. There are the basics, the techniques one can learn to draw and draw well. But when an artist can "move" you emotionally in their art and create such positive ripples in the world, anhe energy is happening. You can attain head knowledge of how to draw or paint, but once you surrender after the techniques of knowledge are applied, then hopefully, something incredible happens. I think those are the artists that stand out from the pack. It's no longer just about the artist, but the "creative force" that takes over. Okay, so that's about as profound as I get, but I am going to leave you with two artists  interviews that have experienced more as an artist than myself from youtube. Hope you enjoy them, Allison.

An inside look at abstract impressionist artist Kathryn Henneman, her studio and her artwork.

Learn about the technique and philosophy of artist Linde B. Martin. See her amazing artwork. 


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