That First Embrace

If you remember, I'm presently working in a more intuitive fashion with this next series of abstract paintings. Trying different techniques to see what comes out of me. To hold nothing back and relax, as the old saying goes, "Let it all hang out, Baby". This time, saying no to that critical voice before it speaks up and stirs the pot. This experimental process stops me from coming to the blank canvas with a preconceived idea, but rather come in an experimental mode of right brain thinking and be surprised by the results. Naturally, some simple editing near the end is necessary, but not at the beginning of the process or during the middle. Just a little adding of more colors here and there, and then STOP!
I've noticed the process of painting goes a little faster and frees me creatively in great strides more than ever before. I've been technically trained in art, so it's been hard for me to put that left brain training aside and just paint intuitively. 

Honestly, I'm more pleased with my work and hope this trend continues. This painting process, required lots of paint and is very messy, since I'm throwing paint at times. I did this outdoors with a plastic drop cloth on the ground, basically, marbling paint throughout the canvas until I get the desired effects. I wish you could see the details in person, up close. I like it, and I hope you do. I've got another one coming in the same style as this one. In this painting, I see the experience of embrace when a man meets a woman. Reminds me of when I first met my husband, Mike. He got out of the car, right away his hand raised his baseball cap off of his head and he threw his arms wide open towards me for a hug. I knew then, I was "hooked". The rest is history. Now, when I asked my husband what he saw in the painting, he said, "Smurfs in a blender!". Oh well, so much for the romance dept. Maybe, next time. I'm just have to settle for the embrace for now.

That's what's happening in my studio. Feel free to comment, I love hearing from you. And again, this painting and others are listed on eBay for purchase. Thanks for "visiting". Stay tuned for the next painting in this series of intuitive paintings.

P.S. My brilliant husband also said, I'd probably get more views on eBay if I give the painting his title. You know what, sadly, he's probably right. 

"The Embrace"
36" x 24" 

Close Up

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