The Tuscan Door

Hello there! I've been back in the art studio painting my little heart out. Actually, reworking a few paintings. Here's one I just finished reworking and I'm happy with the results. I, like many Americans love the rustic charm of Italy. You know, the rough textured rock walls, homes, and store fronts that, if they could talk, could tell intriguing stories hours on end. The window boxes that are overspilling with vivid, beautiful flowers, and the cobblestone streets. Ancient Italian homes with heavy doors painted in bright colors that draw your attention and imagination to wonder what's behind that door. Yes, my imagination goes and can get the best of me. But, it was nice free trip, right? Did I take you there?

So that leads me to this painting, "The Tuscan Door", in a lovely turquoise (one of my favorite colors) with red flowers pouring out from planters, terra cotta pots, and window boxes. Hope you like this one. It's available for purchase, just click the link and you can bid on it at eBay. Perhaps, we'll take another imagination trip to a wonderful destination. This way, you don't have to pack your bags or be strip searched. I'm saving you the hassle of flying!

 "The Tuscan Door"
24" x 24" 


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