Then Came Turquoise

So what's on the easel for today, you ask? Well, I'll be happy to show you. Something fun. I'm presently working on a new intuitive series. Basically, the process of this painting is this, I paint layers of color and I use a scraper (the fun part) and move the paint where I want it to go. Then I see the interesting colors that form and the movement of the paint. At times, I literally squeeze out paint from the tubes onto the canvas to get that punch of color right where I want it. Some areas of paint are scraped away and some are left behind. I go through large amounts of paint, but the look is worth it. This is a very large painting
Hope you like, "Then Came Turquoise". It came to show off.

"Then Came Turquoise"
40" x 30"
Gallery wrapped canvas

 Close Up 

Another Close Up View


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