Dancers: When There Was Nothing Else She Could Do, She Danced

I decided to try out a wood panel to paint, many artists prefer painting on wood panels. I agree with them in their opinions, there's no bounce or give to the canvas so easier to paint. Definitely a nice glide with each brush stroke. Sweet, actually. Presently, I'm working on more intuitive paintings, rather than having a definite intention with my work. It feels good to work intuitively right now. I'm still working with bold colors, even though I love pastel shades. There's something so clean and fresh about them. But for most of my work, it's about vivid, bold colors. 

While working on this little wood panel, the name "She danced" came to me. The movement of the paint gives the impression of seeing the room spin as one twirls or turns in a dance. Splatters of paint are showered down on this panel like confetti or great delight of the moment she dances and feels total joy. I hope you feel it here, because it was good that she danced

Remember this, when there's nothing else you can do, dance.

Title: "She Danced"
Medium: Acrylic on wood panel
Size: 8" x 8" 

"She Danced"

Close Up View

Another Close Up View

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