"Out of the Flames" comes the beauty

Hello! Now that I'm back to my daily routine after the Thanksgiving holiday, thought I'd give you a glimpse of what I've been working on lately.

It's interesting to me how creative ideas come at the least expected times. That's what happened to me during the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal. I do remember when in art school, the instructor would say when you are in a creative block, do something totally routine, mindless even. It allows the mind to go into neutral and relax a bit, freeing it up. I think that's exactly what happened while cooking the our Thanksgiving dinner.
It was the usual meal so no real thought had to be put into it. Right then creative ideas started coming, in fact, they didn't stop during the rest of the holiday. Then I became frustrated not being at a place to stop and pick up a pad and pen to write down each idea . Have you ever had that happen to you? And most of my ideas were in images this time, not words or technical processes. Usually it's the creative technical process I'm going over in my head. What to try differently next time.

But this time, it was images and flashes of particular colors. And the more this continued the more I wanted to retreat to the studio barn and paint. I wanted to explore new options with color and textures this time. But I had to be patient and wait. I feared over time I would lose those creative ideas and images I had seen in my head. Fortunately, when I did get back to painting after family had left, I still had the inspiration and ideas. More and more I'm learning to trust my creative bursts and instincts and even going with the mistakes at times. Working the painting until I feel issues are resolved and it just works. What a good feeling once I've arrived there. It becomes a natural high and I want to do it all over again. At times, I go through a lot of paint and plenty of frustration but with patience and trust it all resolves itself. Kind of like life I guess.

I titled this painting, "Out of the Flames" due to the beauty that comes from each flicker of flame. Don't we all love to watch a nice fire in the fireplace and the color that darts around and through the fire is simply beautiful. While opening the stove door, I thought about the good that comes from fire. The process and the creativity that comes from just a spark of fire. And we all need that spark to keep us going.
Here's a few photos of most recent acrylic painting. I used a good layer of slow-dri medium on the canvas which helps the acrylics to slow down it's drying time and allows me to manipulate the paint more. It also gives it the look of oil which I prefer.
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments.  
To buy this painting, click on this Etsy link.  Thank you! Allison

"Out Of The Flames"
18" x 20"

Close Up 
To buy this painting, click on this Etsy link.
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