Call for Artists. Twitter Art Exhibit in Moss Norway for Charity


Call for artists! Twitter art exhibit in Moss Norway for charity.

Fellow artists on Twitter.

It is my great joy to introduce a new and exiting project: A real life Twitter art exhibit.

A while back I talked to @Artythings @dpringle @EthanCrankeArt about how fun it would be to exhibit something together. We first concluded it would be tough to transport and organize, but the seed was planted and we kept discussing. @EthanCrankeArt suggested 140 artists (representing 140 characters), and we concluded it had to shown at a public place, as Twitter is open to anyone with an account. It all seemed so right, so current!

For a while the project seemed impossible. How would one coordinate such a thing? But then a few weeks ago, I read an article in the local paper, saying how the public library had gotten it's funding cut and wouldn't be able to order the children's books they needed. It then struck me this was the perfect venue for a twitter art project. And soon the idea of a wall of art work at the library, where it's proceeds would go to charity/children's books, was stuck in my brain. But how would I gather all the work? The answer felt as swift as Twitter itself: Have each artist send a postcard (symbolic of a tweet), with hand-painted original artwork. The postcards would then be posted on the wall and sold for 100 kr each ($17.00), and all the money would go to children's books. This amount would make it possible for nearly everyone to support the public library, and if we collected enough artwork, enough money would be raised.

The next day I called the library director and asked for a meeting, where I presented the idea later that day. "This is simply wonderful," she said, "Lots of people here use the computers for twitter and I'm sure we'll get a lot of media attention...But I need to check the politics first and get permission from the local government." And now a few weeks later, we have gotten the go ahead, and I'm exited to announce this event will take place. So this is your chance (wherever in the world you are) to contribute to this cause, and also promote your work to a new audience. Moss is known for its galleries and people here love art!

So please join me in at this wonderful event - A real life Twitter art exhibit! Please write to me if you have any questions (e-mail listed below). I look forward to working with you.

Best Regards,
David Sandum

Now here is the postcard size abstract painting I am submitting to David's Twitter Art Exhibit.
This is an abstract painting of the beautiful "afterglow" you experience right after a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Hope you enjoy!

Notes about this mini painting: I was so inspired by the sunsets over the Gulf Coast, which made such an emotional impression on me. This painting is the afterglow that quickly pops up right after the sunset, hence the name, "Afterglow". Th colors are usually yellows, golds, purples and pinks. The acrylic painting is thick and directly applied to the canvas board, no other mediums used. As one colors touches the other and blends, that's when I get excited. Something magical happens, you know. Like when you when you were a child and learned about mixing colors. Red and blue = purple, yellow and red = orange. Just the other day, my 5 yr. daughter found an art project she wanted to make. You take a paper plate, cut out the circle part and divide into 6-8 sections with a rulers. Then color each section alternately with two colors, like red and blue. Poke a hole in the center of the circle and insert pencil and tape to back of paper plate. Hold pencil in your hands flat and spin. Now you see the results of the two colors being "mixed". Good color experiment. 

If you are an artist and would like to be involved in this wonderful childrens' charity event, then click on this link for the details.  Twitter Art Exhibit for Children in Norway

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