How can art help others? Can my art help someone?

I heard something the other night on TV, that actually got me thinking which TV usually doesn't. But anyway, it posed a question to me as to how art can help others. First of all, we know it can inspire, uplift someone's mood and giving them encouragement or hope. Or bring awareness to a particular social issue, and communicate in ways words can't. So that we all know, right? And yes, we've all heard of art therapy, where a troubled adult or child can use a creative medium to communicate when words aren't available. Expressing unsolved emotional pain via creative means can be very therapeutic.Yet, I wonder, can my art help someone? I mean, it's just a painting, an image; how is that going to help someone?
Good question to ponder, right? I thought so. Rather than using art to say, look at me as a artist and what I can do, but can my art help someone else? 

For example, take my latest invitation to a charity art event in Moss Norway. One fine artist from Norway, had an idea and shared his idea to a local public library. Now over 200 artists are involved and have painted postcard size paintings to be sold for $34 each. The proceeds of that event will fund the purchasing of children's books for the public library. The obvious goal is helping the library buy books for children. You see, this is a multi-fold win/win situation. The library has a new charity event that is exciting for everyone. The children get new books to read, that's pretty exciting in itself. The buyers get a good deal on an original painting to take home and enjoy, plus feel good about their participation in the event. Us, artists enjoy the gift of giving and the satisfaction of how our art made a difference.

So, to answer the beginning question, yes, art can help others. And, I for one, am pretty excited and amazed how we can all come together as artists and make a difference.
Here is my postcard painting sent to Moss Norway Library to raise funds to purchase children's books.
This abstract painting inspired by the beautiful sunsets over the Sarasota, Florida Gulf of Mexico waters.
Medium: Acrylic

Close Up of "Afterglow"
Final note, now how can your art make a difference?
Here is the link to this event's details:

Final notes: In these times of financial recession, I believe it's the creative workforce that moves us beyond our limited parameters. Possibly it's time to rethink our art. Instead of how I can sell another painting, perhaps look at it at from a different perspective. What can I do with my artwork? Please feel free to post your comments. I'd love to hear how your art has help make a difference. Hope to hear from you, Allison.
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