"The Abyss Recreated"

Do you remember the movie, "The Abyss" from 1989 and directed by James Cameron and starred Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio? For some odd reason that movie made an impact on me, or I should admit, scared me. And I did give that movie too much time in my thought life. But anyway, I entertained those particular thoughts further and imagined what if the abyss wasn't that scary after-all. Let's say something happened down there and the abyss was recreated. The abyss instantly was recreated from a black bottomless pit of despair into a place of endless beauty and new life. Thus, this painting came to be.

I painted with oils using soft feathery brush strokes to show the gentle movement of the water. The colors choices were intended to be vivid, brilliant and dramatic because of the new energy that bursts forth. Well, that's what I imagined. Thank you stopping by and always feel free to comment. Allison.

"The Abyss Recreated"
18" x 18"


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