Native American Art: Cherokee Girls

Thought it might be a good time to brush up on my technical skills concerning my painting. So, I decided to paint this small postcard size painting, "Cherokee Girls". This one is near and dear to my heart, since a small part of my own family heritage on my Dad's side is Cherokee Indian. 

I just love the bright colors these girls are wearing while dancing their traditional Cherokee dances. This little painting sold right away and seemed to strike a chord with many viewers.  The buyer was so kind to leave a comment how she was so glad she purchased the painting and how it was even more amazing in person. My photography skills need to improve, so I'm not surprised the buyer thought it looked better in person. But sure was a nice compliment and I'm happy she's pleased with her painting.

Since this particular painting moved many, I decided to paint another American Indian themed painting. So stay tuned for the next post where I show off the next one in this series.

Here's "Cherokee Girls".

  "Cherokee Girls"
5" x 7" 
Watercolor and Acrylic

What do you think? Stayed tuned for "Moccasins", my next American Indian themed painting. 
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