A Sunset Walk on the Beach

While I'm working on a very large skyscape painting like "A Break in the Clouds", I thought I'd post a small abstract painting for you. This painting was made with my palette knives and I love the calming feel to this little gallery wrapped painting. It reminds me of that time of the day on the beach when the crowds are gone and it's just you or almost just you out there. One of those times, when you breathe in that sea air and are just loving the sounds of the ocean. And how you just wish you could bottle that moment, but it will return. 

This painting has those calming pastel shades or some might say has that beachy look to it. And plenty of texture, if fact this one is full of rough texture, which reminds me of the textures of the beach. Well, enough said, hope you enjoy it and brings pleasant memories of your vacations or retreats at the beach.

A Sunset Walk on the Beach
12" x 12" x 1" (deep) 

Close Up View 1

Close Up View 2

Close Up View 3 

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