Art Collectors, Native American Art: Moccasins

Hello again from the mountain city of Asheville, NC.
Well, I see you are "staying tuned" as I asked, thank you. And since you are still with me, here's a new photo of "Moccasins" inspired by the reviews of viewers. As I mentioned, I believe for some reason, I'm not sure why, the "Cherokee Girls" painting seemed to strike a chord with many. So, don't fix what ain't broke, right? But actually, I paint what moves me, or what's the point, right? So here's another small painting even though, larger than the "Cherokee Girls" painting under the Native American theme. 

"Moccasins" is near and dear to my heart. My Dad bought us girls (my siblings and older sisters) moccasins to wear around the house. We thought we were pretty cool. They weren't heavily beaded as the ones in my painting, but they came with fringe and anything with fringe is a cool thing for a young girl! Even looking at this painting now, I'm thinking I'd love to have a pair. How about you? Did you ever own moccasins? 

6" x 6"

What do you think? Ready for a pair?    
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