Seafood Foodies:The Claw

I hope you enjoyed "Cherokee Girls" and "Moccasins" paintings from the last two posts. I decided to go in a different direction, something for fun. And look where I ended up. Painting a colorful crab claw on black background

There's something so simple and freeing using the black background. It's as if it speaks for itself. And what about that pose of the claw? Demanding a little respect wouldn't you say? Yes, any pincher like that will definitely demand one's respect.

Anyway, I like it's stately pose as if it's was showing off it's vibrant shell of colors.

So here's "The Claw":

"The Claw"
6" x 6" (square)
Vellum Paper

Hope you enjoyed "The Claw", there's no telling what I'll paint next. Come back and see what's next.
What do you think? Like the black background? Like to see more of this?
Thanks for visiting, Allison.  
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