Surfboard I

Hello again,
While working on my latest water series, one eventually has to come around to surfboards. Don't you just love the feelings that come up when you think about surfboards? That era of the old woodies covered up in cool, brightly colored surfboards has become an American Icon. The music, well oiled tanned surfers in swimming trunks and flip-flops, the smell of the ocean, beach cottages, all images when I think of the beloved surfboard. Here's my version of that worn, well-used, banged up surfboard hanging on the wall, waiting for it's time to be brought out and waxed to perfection for another summer season.

This abstract painting was created by layering process and removing paint to reveal hidden colors. This helps to achieve that worn, distressed look for all the years that have passed by, yet the memories still linger.

Oh, I've included a wonderful and inspirational video about surfing and photography.

"Surfboard I"
24" x  36" x  3/4" deep 

Close Up View 1

Close Up View 2

Close Up View 3

Close Up View 4    

So what do you think about "Surfboard I"
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Hope you enjoy the video!

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