Recently I have been changing things up a bit with my color palette. "Renewal" is from this new palette. I like how it turned out, but it's a little different from my usual work and two comments I've received so far were that it was "pretty". I started to say back to them, "Didn't you know pretty is back in?" But I didn't. I know what they mean. Perhaps, not the best of compliments, but I wasn't looking for any. I know it felt good to make that painting and the experience reflected what was happening on the inside of me. I had taken a break from painting and was bored with my usual color palette and also so comfortable with it. So this was the feminine side wanting to come out and be renewed. This painting feels fresh and energizing to me, with a strong burst of creative energy radiating out from the center.

Size: 36"  x 24" x  .5" (deep)

Close Up View 1

Close Up View 2

Close Up View 3

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for stopping back and feel free to leave comments! Allison
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