Lido Beach Painting In Progress

Hello Everyone!
Wanted to update my blog by sharing with you a new painting I have in progress. I normally love to work on large canvas with large brushes, yet I decided to create a small landscape 5" x 7" of Lido Beach, FL. One of my favorite beaches. Lido is fairly naturalized and not so commercialized and who can not fall in love with that gorgeous white sand? This painting is done in oils, my favorite. I recently made the change back to oils from acrylics. I missed how the oil paint just glides across the canvas. Nothing feels like it's being held back by a dried section on the canvas. Oh, and the blending? Yes, I just love how I can blend colors so easily right there on the canvas. Well, not to get carried away or anything, but do want to thank you for visiting my blog and  hope you enjoy what you see. Please return for the finished painting.

Lido Beach
5" x 7" 
Work In Progress


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