Lido Beach Painting Progress Update

Hello Everyone!
Hope you've had a great summer. My summer was busy, but nice. Just not ready for summer to come to an end yet. And this painting reminds me of those fantastic days at the beach. The sea air, the salt on the tongue, my feet in the sand, the sea breeze off of the Gulf. It's all good. Even a bad day at the beach is a good day, right?
Okay, I'll get on with it. Here's an updated view of my latest Lido Beach painting. Made some changes to the sea oats, wanted to show off more of the powdery white sand. To see the hills of sand that meet the grass are important by trying to convey the volume as much as possible. Trying to get volume with white? Yikes. But it is possible with different shades of white and gray for shadows. Adding brush strokes that give texture and the direction of the sand's movement helps. And of course, I want you to feel the wonderful solitude. What a great natural place to retreat.

Hope you enjoy the painting,

"Lido Beach"
 5"x 7"
For Sale

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