"The Barn Window" - Finished!

"The Barn Window"
28" x 22"
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bazemore

Since the early 2000’s, most of my work has involved the creation of conceptually based abstract paintings demonstrating the strong impact of color and movement, however recently I have been painting common themes of realism. In my most recent painting, “The Barn Window”, I deconstruct the American Midwestern late 1800’s red barn down to a single weathered window. This darkened glass window with little reflection tries to show off the agricultural life it was so once proud to reflect. Not only does the window reflect the years of hard farm life, Midwest winters, but with time the inevitable; abandonment. In the painting, textured layers of red and white paint peel away to reveal a rawness to the wood that has become covered in moss and takes on a new life of it’s own. In the top panes, you can see the grain silo that is presently still in use nearby.

As with most Americans, there is a underlying sadness as we see the days of family farms sold for various reasons due to outstanding loans, housing developments or for another unnecessary strip mall. In fact, the red barn which is part of a family farm in Indiana has been sold and has recently been torn down due to it’s condition. All that is left is a photograph taken by a young woman named Tami Reece, whom at the young age of 33, passed away from cancer. I desire to honor Tami and her photograph with a painting titled, “The Barn Window”.

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