If case you are wondering... Welcome to my new updated blog, out with the old and in with the new! Actually, the older blog started back in 2005 had too many bugs and we felt the best thing was to just start over! And why not! I'm winding down the year here and looking forward to 2010! Making decisions on ideas for a couple of abstract series. Don't you just love abstract art? If you couldn't tell, I love the color & movement! Also, you get to interpret what you see in front of you. At times I need not to be told the message, or view "in your face" art, but rather enjoying expressions of the brush that don't translate an exact idea or perspective, but many! Like when you area kid looking up at the puffy white clouds in the blue sky. You ask yourself or your childhood best friend, "What do you see?".

Keep a look out for my latest abstract paintings. Oh, and there is exciting news about upcoming art auctions on Twitter! How cool is that! Remember, art gives off any room or space great energy.
Thank you for stopping by!
Allison Reece
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