On My Way To Happiness

Hello again to my fellow art lovers, art collectors, and newcomers on the scene. I've been working on several paintings at one time, which is usually the case for most artists. Most paintings I have to sit with for awhile to get the whole story process in my head, down on canvas or patiently wait to see what the images are going to reveal. And that process takes time, sitting, starring, waiting, watching, deciding, just plain pondering while chasing the doubts or fears away.

However, on the technical side of things, this canvas endured a layering process of large and small sections of colors and carving out textures with a palette knife. Then dry brushing and blending on the next layer

To be vulnerable here, I felt as if something was happening with this painting and also with the next painting to follow. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I was breaking through to a higher level in my painting. All I know is, I could feel it and I liked it! So hence the title, "On My Way To Happiness".  By the way, is there a time, you've broken through in an area of your life?

This painting has bright energetic colors of lime green, turquoise, blues, red, gold, medium  yellow, orange, and sand. I hope you've enjoy this painting and it's available for purchase. I think this one would look great in an office, den, bedroom, dressing area, or...okay,....anywhere actually!

I'd like to share this note to end. I had a wonderful compliment from a lady about my paintings. She said, "Your paintings uplift my soul". Immediately, I thought...then my job is done! I couldn't have received a better compliment. So buy art that will lift your soul and place that energy in your living space. Don't we all need to have surroundings and people that uplift us?

On My Way To Happiness
22"(w) x 28"(h) x 1"(d)

Close up of textured areas

Another close up

And another close up

How does this abstract painting make you feel? I hope this painting makes you feel happy too! Thank you for stopping by! Allison


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