What I Saw On National Public Gardens Day - Part 2

Hello everyone! Finally, part two of this series has arrived! In the previous blog post about What I Saw On National Public Gardens Day, I reported on the outdoor sculptures. Today, let's see what's going on inside! There is actually plenty for the art lover to see in the educational building. There are permanent art works I'll show you and then to my delight there was a new exhibit called, "I Can't Believe it's Paper!", by Artist Carol Funke going on until June 28, 2011. As you'll see in my photos, her use of homemade paper is interesting and the colors, exciting.

First of all, when you enter the building the first permanent exhibit you see is Teresa M. Reilly's, NC Arboretum Quilt. If you are a quilt lover, this is worth seeing. It makes such a grand impression once you enter the building.
 There are many more quilted pieces around the hallways and all quilt enthusiasts should see this exhibit.

As you go up the stairs, you'll see this large woven piece. "Random Weave Basketry", by Greg & Carla Filippelli. Medium: Reed.
Next as you turn around the corner into another room you'll see the Chinese Dragon Robe made from handmade paper.

Now you've entered the room with Carol Funke's handmade papers turned into brilliant artworks. Here's one I really liked. 
"Motion In Color II"
Homemade Paper
A side view, so you can see how the strips of the paper are crossed and stand out from the rest. Cool, huh? 

A different view, so you can see head on how it looks. Her goal here was to show two different images from two views.
More works from Artist: Carol Funke
The colors and textures are so inspiring and exciting.

I didn't get the names of these pieces, but one the natural piece with mixed media on top that she created is really interesting as well.

"Motion In Color"
Oh, how I loved this piece. The colors, textures and how the design comes off the edges. There's a lot going on, but I didn't feel it was too much. Well done, Carol!

"What Goes Around, Comes Around"
Quad Tripe
Four individual pieces when put together make one. 

The variety of her work amazed me. This series of painted and folded homemade papers, I think works and like nothing I had seen lately.

"Waves of Color"
I hope you enjoyed the Carol Funke's artworks of mixed media and homemade paper exhibit. I know I did! You can see her exhibit now through June 28, 2011 at the NC Arboretum. Click on Carol Funke's name to read about her background and exhibit.

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