What I Saw On National Public Gardens Day - Part 1

Hello Everyone, and greetings from beautiful Asheville, NC! On May 6, 2011 it was National Public Gardens Day and I decided to head off to the North Carolina Arboretum. The great thing about NPGD is the admission is free, so next Spring remember that date and visit a public garden. It's known many artists get their inspiration for their artwork from gardens and it's only fitting that I go and take photos of  the NC Arboretum's outdoor sculptures and indoor art exhibits. In case you've never been to the NC Arboretum, it's definitely worth it, if you are in the area. Such a beautiful natural setting with the mountains as the backdrop and plenty of flowers and plants up close to behold. The short winding trails are fun to walk and then for more dedicated hikers there are longer trails for good wholesome exercise and fresh mountain air. And when you're ready to rest, there are plenty of rocking chairs out on the porch waiting for you. Or if you enjoy a quiet space tucked away out in nature, there's a nice bench waiting on you.

I'm dividing my posts into several parts, otherwise it might overwhelm you if I post all the photos in one post! Reminds you of those boring "this was my summer vacation" slides you had to sit through with friends or family, right? So, Since I don't want to lose you, I'll post Part 1 first and others later. Also, keep in mind, I'm only posting a few of the works there, not everything. I want to leave something there for you to see for yourself.

Now, once arriving and driving up the road to the main parking lot and building, you get sucked in to the beauty of the location. The mountains all around you, the creek nearby, and the blooming plants. You almost have to be careful as your driving to keep you eye on the winding road up the hill, because you eyes will be thrilled once you've entered their gates. And speaking of gates, oh!, just you wait till you see their beautiful handcrafted garden gates. And it's worth taking the time to notice all the details of each gate. You'll see what I mean in the photos below.
 Right side of the "Stream Garden Gate" by David Brewin and Joseph Miller
Medium: Brass, steel, bronze, paint

Fish on the Garden Gate

Left side of the Garden Gate
Woodpecker on left side of the gate

Next on our tour, you'll see  outdoor sculpture, "A Hedge Against Extinction", by Artist: Martin Webster


Around the front of the main educational building, there is a waterfall and pool area. They just recently added these new sculptures, I think there is four of them placed around the pool. 

Title: Magniflower 3
Artist: Martin Webster
Medium: Ferrocement, steel armanture


Walking closer to the trails is this very tall, very huge Native American Indian bronze sculpture.

Title: Oh Great Spirit
Artist: Nell Banister Scruggs

Front closeup
Back close up

Near the Native Indian sculpture is 
Title: Remembrance Bell
Artist: Stefan Bonitz

Once walking on the trail from the education building, you'll see next, 

Title: Rhododendron Trellis
Artist: Grace Cathey
Medium: Steel

 Close up

While walking you might want to keep you eye open for a few smaller pieces like this, 

Title: Night Watch
Artist: Barron Brown
Medium: Granite

This is a view of the walking trails, nicely maintained and most shaded which is great in the hot summertime.

Now approaching the ampitheatre area. 
View of more paths

Flowers and plants to enjoy with identifying tags of our native plants

In Part 2 of this post, I'll be showing of the indoor art exhibits. It's definitely worth the return to my art blog. Please come back for more! I hope you enjoyed the views. Love to hear your comments of the NC Arboretum if you've been there and if you haven't love to hear from you too!
Thank you, Allison

For more information about the North Carolina Arboretum, click below and visit their site.

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