"Winter Reflections" from my abstract Season Reflections series

Thought you'd like to see the latest additions to my abstract Seasonal Reflections series. This is a reflective light and color study I did and here are the results from that study. I really enjoyed the painting process with this painting. As you see, colors choices are cooler, darker and some muted, yet some dramatic. To show the degree of colder temps setting in and shades become more muted, blended, and retracted even. Shadows are more apparent and tend to increase, therefore there is some drama to the shadows. The sun is low, the days are shorter, the sky is no longer as sunny. There is still color during the winter season, it's just a bit hidden and muted.  Hope you enjoy this painting, I know I did.
You can purchase this Winter Reflections painting here on Etsy. Thank you for stopping by! Allison

"Winter Reflections"
18" x 18" 


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