"Summer Reflections"

Hello All!
Even though summer is over now and autumn has begun, I just finished a painting from a series I call "Reflections". My "Summer Reflections" painting is a result of a study on the reflections. In art school, we students were taught how to see reflective color around us. I remember in my figure class one day, our instructor was teaching us where reflective colors come from and how they change what we view. We had to squint our eyes and look long enough to see color being reflected from the walls and other objects onto the figure we were drawing at the time. It took me a while but sure enough, I slowly began to see what she was saying. Wow, it does open up a new world to you when you've been given a different perspective, right? So now, no longer were we drawing a figure just with the usual highlights and shadows, we were adding in reflective colors here and there. Definitely changed our thinking and artwork. Still these days I find myself not just looking at the obvious, but at most interesting and changing reflective atmospheric colors. They too, can be just as interesting. As you see, this painting has the reflective colors and shades of summer. With trees and other plants in their full various shades of green to the flowers in their vibrant colors blooming. The sky is bright and sunny, shadows from winter gone except under the wonderful canopy of an oak or maple tree. Oh, how we long for shade in the hot summer months and rely on that shelter of shade. The days of summer are hot and long with plenty of glare. The colors are a combination of brightness, yet faded from summer's hot sun.
I hope you enjoy "Summer Reflections" and I'll be adding more, so please return. Thank you for stopping by to reflect back on life in each it's distinct seasons.  Allison.

"Summer Reflections"
24" x 30"

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