Beachcombers, Sea Glass Collectors: Finding Simple Treasures

Hello Everyone!
Well, if you've been wondering where I've been, I'm still here. Took the summer off as I usually do and now I'm fired up to paint again. Taking the summers off really work for me. I was blessed with a wonderful beach vacation in an amazing beach house this past summer. And still reflecting back on that experience. 

First, allow me to share with you a little about my purposes in painting. First of all, it's about my love for color and it's energy, that is my passion. Secondly, I search for those profound moments in time that we have all experienced. For me, one of those moments would be my walks on a beach. You know, it's when time seems to stand still and show you something special that speaks to your heart. Like finding sea glass glistening on the beach being bathed in the sunshine and water. A treasure has been uncovered right at your feet. You know at that point, you happened to be at the right place at the right time to look down upon such simple beauty. 

It is true, a landscape artist can paint that scene to help you remember a special location and a realism artist can paint the objects of your adoration. Yet, an abstract artist attempts to paint that moment of your profound connection. We artists, do it via color and textures; to give you the energy of that time. My friends and art collectors, that is my goal in painting, to paint those moments in an abstract way for you to enjoy.

But back to abstract painting, I started back working on a few smaller size canvases, they seem to get me into the process quicker and become more experimental. I love sea glass, the colors and texture. Don't you? This painting was painted with unusual ease and you can see the fluid brushstrokes that add a nice quality to the painting. You might say, an impressionist style to it. What do you think?

Here it is. My special moment walking on the beach. I found sea glass and smiled.

 "Sea Glass
20" x 16" x  1/2"
In  private collection of Mrs. Wolff

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