Ever been on a Safari Art StudioTour?

Hello everyone!
This past spring, I was busy attending several art events around the area and thought I'd share with you photos of the events, artists I've met and their art! I usually take a break from painting in the summer to spend time with my family and the break allows me to get out and meet other artists. I truly enjoy meeting other artists, seeing their work and coming back to post about it. I hope you're not bored with my outings, I promise I will be back to posting my paintings this fall.

I had an exciting event that came up this past spring, called Weaverville's Art Safari Spring Studio Tours and was I ever so glad I went! This event was so well organized, which generally isn't a strong trait for artists. So what is a Safari Art Studio Tour?
 Well, you're given a map of all the participating artists and their studios, and you had to look for the signs to each artist's home, which was fun for us as a family. Not only beautiful art did we see, but this below.
Two artists that happened to be married to each other, had this lovely view from their home on Hamburg Mountain.

Studios were dotted along the mountainside here in Western NC and you never knew what was around the next bend.This was their 10th anniversary and they started it off with a Friday night art auction held at this beautiful farm just outside Weaverville, NC, Claxton Farm. Wow! so beautiful and what a perfect setting. Their website is worth visiting. I had no idea where the winding mountain road was taken me when I started out, I was just following the Art Safari signs and lo, and behold... I ended up in a scene right from a movie. Simply breathtaking. I wish my photos would do it justice, but they won't, sorry Claxton Farm. But I was in love with the place. And inside, it was every bit charming, great appetizers, a bluegrass band and the art?, Oh, my.... I wish you could have been there, seriously. Very impressive. From jewelry like I've never seen, to fibers, to pottery, to paintings, to bronze sculptures. These people were serious about promoting their work and did an excellent job doing so. The drawings for the free gifts were stunning as well.

I've taken some photos of the farm, please add the dreaminess, charm, and sense of freedom as if you're there. Like I said, my photos won't do justice, so bear with me as I relive my wonderful experience there.

Okay, I'll move on and share photos from Claxton Farms Art Auction.
When I first pulled up I had no idea the amount of people that would be there. I was on time and there were rows of vehicles already there!
Once you arrived, you parked in an open field. It made me so excited to see such a turnout, in fact, I later heard it was the largest attendance, ever.
The barn for the art auction held Friday night.
Here's the facility. Great patio and awesome mountain views.
Here's the view from that patio. Just makes you say, "Ahhh", right?
Wildflowers growing along the barn.

This is the three-piece bluegrass band playing for us that night. The lady in the middle playing a guitar is an artist also.
A nearby pond and more colorful wildflowers to enjoy.

The next day, Saturday morning, we started out on the Safari Studio Tour, following the great signs to each artist's studio. Most of the artists had home studios, but all were fabulous in their layout, space, and they way they chose to show their artwork. Many of the studios were inviting and gorgeous. All very functional, but leaving you with the feeling that you'd like to have one just like them. I know I did. Each had their own personalities, as well. I'll introduce you to one artist that set up her beautiful home as a gallery to not only show off her paintings, but also so you could get the idea how her paintings would look in your home or office. Great idea!

When I arrived at Joy Moser's art studio in her home, I was greeted by a bluegrass band on her wide front porch and inviting rocking chairs. That was a special treat to be greeted in such a way. Joy is such a talented musician as well as a successful artist. I had no idea she was the one playing at the art auction the night before. What a great combination, music and art!

 Artist Joy Moser

She welcomed me into her home and I was so amazed. She did something so smart. She painted the inside of her lovely large two story home with beautiful warm colors to be the backdrop for her art work. She shared with me her desire to display her work in a way her patrons could see how each painting could possibly look in their own home or office. Great idea, Joy! She gave us a tour of each room with her beautifully displayed paintings. Yes, she had the right idea and it paid off, she had shared with me she just sold three paintings that morning! Yay, Joy! Her landscapes are so lovely in their warm, but vibrant colors and the movement of each brush stroke relaxes the viewer. But, I'll give you the chance to see her paintings for yourself.

Landscapes by Joy Moser

 I loved this winter scene, Joy painted. See the reflections in the water.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Joy's paintings as much as I did. Just working on this post and seeing her work all over again, warms my heart. Definitely, this fall you'll want to meet Joy Moser at her home studio. Her music, her art, her home and front porch will make it worth the trip! Plus, she's just a delightful person to meet. Thanks, Joy for a great time at your home.

 Next stop on the tour, I met Artist Diane Hall at her home studio. Her work ranges from various subjects of animal portraits to mystical paintings with richly colored acrylics, textures, and layers. Her collages are so intriguing to me, as they are very unique. Since I wasn't that familiar with the collage style of her work, she was so kind to demo how she uses colored tissue paper with washes to achieve her results. 

Diane also offers art classes to children and was so kind to do an inprompto art class with my daughter, Sarah. Thank you very much, Diane! I have to say as an abstract painter, Diane gave me new ideas to try out in the future.

Another beauty from Artist Diane Hall

Collage Landscapes

 Vibrant sunflowers and other works of Diane Hall from the walls of her studio.

Artist Meryl Meyer 
 Then I met Artist Meryl Meyer at her home studio. Meryl has eye for detail that is to be envied. She is extremely patient with her painting and her skill for details shows. I studied her paintings, wishing I had the technical skill and patience that comes from Meryl. She shared with me, how working on the details was a very calming experience for her. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't relate. I haven't perfected, nor am I gifted with patience. Her pet portraits are incredible due to her detailed work. Each one is truly a valued masterpiece. I only regret I didn't get more photos of her portraits for you to see.

These were a few of the many talented artists from the Weaverville Art Safari Studio Tour. Save these dates, October 29th- 30th, 2001 for their next Fall art studio tour! What a beautiful time in the mountains of Western North Carolina to visit or if you're local, meet our talented area artists. I hope you enjoyed my post. 

A healthy and creative Summer to you, Allison


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