"An Indiana Winter"

Yes, it's been awhile since my  last post. But for a very good reason, we moved from NC to Indiana! As you can imagine, I've been busy with packing and unpacking. We moved to be near my husband's family and my 5yr. old  daughter has been having a blast enjoying the abundant snow. We are adjusting to the climate here and the cultural differences that those of the south. And can I say, "Go Colts!". Okay, I know they lost.

Finally, I say with a sign of relief, I'm getting back to painting again. With a change of scenery, I felt inclined to focus on rural Indiana. Looking out of a second floor window where I paint gave me an interesting perspective. I normally don't paint landscapes, but challenged myself to creating an abstract landscape from the view of my window.

Naturally, the colors this afternoon muted with the overcast sky, yet the terrain is interesting to me. I look out and see (no, not dead people), but rather lines and angles across the land. Like when you are in an airplane and looking down below (if you're not looking at an engine) and seeing patchwork patterns. The details of trees, hills, creeks, rivers, homes, etc., are abstracted and what's left is patchwork of colors. That's what I see here in the snow and cornfields in the dead of winter. It's a different kind of beauty. It's quiet and muted looking as if the land were saying,...it's time to slow down and rest. Perhaps, I'll do this particular scene each season to investigate the changes in textures, colors, and lines. I hope you're interested in following me on this journey. I'm also including a few photos of rural Indiana.

Here's the study I did today. Please feel free to leave comments. Thank you, Allison

"An Indiana Winter"
Ongoing Seasonal Study
Canvas Paper


My husband took this photo about 4 a.m of the moon was shining so brightly across the farm.

Family time spent sledding.

My 5yr. old Sarah having the time of her life!

The rest of the Uncles/Aunts and cousins having a great time together.


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